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Firm Overview


Al Shaali and Company Advocates and Legal Consultants is a client oriented, mid-sized law firm and consultancy that has a grown from a three-person law firm in 1997 to a sophisticated law firm with a national and international presence.


Both Advocates Salem Alshaali and Abdulaziz Alablam are acknowledged experts in their chosen practice areas. Their mastery of the legal profession is a product of their diverse and extensive experiences in different lawyer capacities, including their previous tenure as Chief Prosecutors, members of the Executive and Judicial branches of the Dubai government, and as graduates of Dubai Police Academy, the top-tier university in Dubai.

Over the years, the firm was fortunate to have achieved excellent results for its clientele which enabled the firm to grow and after enjoying a wide reputation for handling various intricate cases, Al Shaali & Co. has become a premier mid-sized full service law firm. 

Justice Scale
Client 4

In all our cases, Al Shaali & Co. have proven their dexterity to combine their specialties and their investigation skills to win our cases.

Valued Feedback

Client 6

We have collaborated for over 15 years with Al Shaali & Co. We have full trust in Al Shaali's work they know how to be efficient.

Trusted Representation

Client 5

The results achieved by Al Shaali & Co. are outstanding compared to other law firms our company had seen operating globally, we had seen it come close to what we achieve with Al Shaali.

Legal Success

Client 7

Being located abroad is not always easy for a company, but we know everything that concerns us on the legal front as soon as it happens. Thanks to Al Shaali & Co. updates.

Trusted Representation

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